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It is our aim to provide simple cost effective advertising, enabling visitors to the site to find information quickly and our customers to use the power of the internet to promote their business

The following is a brief synopsis of the various advertising and web enablement opportunities available. To find out more or to see how we can assist you call or e-mail today


Who can advertise?
Why advertise?
Placing an Advert
Request a quotation
What will classified advertising cost me?
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Who can advertise?

Advertising is open to everyone provided that their advertisement is moral, legal and not offensive.

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Why advertise?

Here at we want to become part of your overall business marketing strategy, it is our intention to develop long working relationships with our customers.
With this objective in mind we have designed our advertising service to support the needs of most businesses.
By advertising with you benefit from:
Our marketing and promotion of the web site
Our visitors become your potential customers
You support the local community by your patronage of

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Placing an Advert

It is FREE of any charges for your contact details to be included if you are a None Profit Making Community Service Group or a Registered Charitable Organisation.
If you have a forthcoming event or simply wish to provide the public with some information about your activities, then send us the details and we will endeavour to include them for you.

If you are a Private or Profit making venture, then the reality of life is that there is a fair and reasonable price to pay for our services. To find out more simply see below or click the "Contacting Us" Link at the top of this page, for details of the other methods of contacting us.

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If you require a quotation either contact us or complete the following form

E-mail address
Enter the text of your advertisement here
Press Send when finished.

If you prefer you can Phone, Fax, E-mail or Post your request. Visit our Contacts page for further information. TMiS have a policy of continual improvement and commitment to re-investing profit into improving the quality and value of the TMiS Services. Together we can produce a genuinely useful service .

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The cost of placing a 2-4-1 classified advertisement

Two adverts for the price of one, we want to give businesses in the area maximum exposure therefore the following price provides you with an advertisement on the page which most closely fits your type of business, with an example being if your business is an Art Gallery your advertisement will appear on the Arts, Crafts and Antiques page. In addition to this the same advertisement will appear on the page or subject linked page of the community in which you are based, with an example being if your business is in Hinderwell, then your advertisement will appear under the relevant Hinderwell page for Arts.

Content Cost for the 1st Year
Up to 50 words plus two photographs, your Logo and main contact details £45.00
Each additional 50 words £10
Each additional Photograph, Logo or graphical image £10
Please note that all prices quoted by TMiS exclude VAT and are in Pounds Sterling
We also Design, Host and Manage clients WEB Sites, please contact us for further details.

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