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Lifeboat Stations

The Esk Valley has much of it's history linked to the sea and the bravery of those who earned their livings from it. Knowing how primitive navigation methods were and a simple look at the coastline will help you to understand the perils that those early mariners faced.
Sadly many lives were lost because of these dangers and because many a vessel was un-seaworthy, however we must celebrate the soules that were saved by the daring feats and brave acts of the local Lifeboat Men. In earlier times Lifeboat stations existed at Runswick Bay, Staithes, Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay, sadly modernisation and cut backs mean that Runswick Bay and Robin Hood's Bay lost their stations.

To discover some of the rich history of the Lifeboat Service visit the lifeboat station at Staithes or the Lifeboat Museum in Whitby.

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