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As one would expect with an area of such outstanding natural beauty, as you turn most corners or reach the brow of most hills you will behold what can be described as a viewpoint. However even amongst these jewels are a few gems of unparalleled beauty and as such, worthy of a special mention, these include.
Cowbar Nab overlooking the picturesque harbour of Staithes.

Danby Beacon, located on beacon hill and providing a panoramic view of the westerly end of the Esk Valley.

Danby Rigg, as you climb the steep hill from Danby Castle a spectacular view of Great Fryup Dale, Glaisdale and Glaisdale Rigg opens before your eyes.

Whilst visiting Goathland, take time out to visit Thomason Foss Waterfall, the 70ft high Malyan Spout Waterfall and the nearby hamlet of Beck Hole, or Enjoy a walk of some 3.5 miles along the now disused track of the railway line built by George Stephenson between Goathland and Grosmont.

Runswick bay has a viewpoint on the northern headland which overlooks the vista of the broad sandy bay and the rooftops of the village.

Take the A169 south from Sleights and climb Blue Bank, where you will come across a viewpoint on the left hand side which gives a wonderful view down upon Ugglebarnby and Littlebeck. Travel back along the road for about quarter of a mile and turn right down a steep hill towards Littlebeck and follow the signs to the 30ft high Falling Foss waterfall which can be a spectacular sight, especially after heavy rain.

Approximately half a mile west of Ravenscar, close to a spot known as Beacon Howes is a viewpoint providing a wonderful view of the area.

Climb the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, or alternatively drive your car and park it in the nearby car park, walk to St Marys Church and enjoy the wonderful view as you look down upon the town of Whitby, alternative viewpoints can be found on the opposite headland of West Cliff or from the road Bridge that crosses the river Esk on the A171.

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