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Boulby Village


Local Amenities
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Accommodation in Boulby
Local Sights
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Heritage (History, Geology & Archaeology)

The view of Boulby Mine from Boulby

Boulby Mine

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Once a thriving community, many of the original properties have long since been demolished.

Local Amenities

High on the wind swept cliffs overlooking the villages of Cowbar and Staithes

Boulby is a secluded little village sited on the route of the Cleveland Way, amenities available include:

  • cafe

The prefix of the Post Code for Boulby is TS13-5.

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Boulby is located in grid C4 community location map

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Accommodation in Boulby

We do not currently have any accommodation listed in Boulby, but hope to be able to bring you details soon.

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Local Sights

Boulby, once a thriving industrial conurbation, now only evident by the many ancient remains.

The ancient remains of the alum quarries carved out of the cliff at Rock Hole Hill are well worth a visit, but be aware of the dangers of being in such a place.
Other attractions are a walk along the Cleveland Way, Three Crosses Well and the nearby National Trust property near the Warren

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Community Groups

The following is are details of local none profit making Community Service Group or Registered Charitable Organisation, serving this community.

There are many community groups serving the area and it our intention to bring you details of their activities, if you are an organiser or member of a group or organisation and would like to see your details here, please contact us on

Whitby District/Esk valley youth club. Providing Youth Events and activities for the area, with past events including - Games and nonalcoholic cocktail bar in Boulby village hall, Gospel concert in Whitby, skating at Billingham Forum and Sailing. For details contact Whitby District youth worker.

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Research is currently being carried out to bring you details of Bulbs heritage

Alum mining is probably the reason for the existence of Bolby, with quarrying being the original method of extraction from the ground. Times have a moved as they say and now a modern mine known as "Cleveland Potash" extends over a distance of 15 kilometres from north to south, and has roadways used by maintenance vehicles and diesel transit vans are used to transport personnel to and from their working places.

Cleveland Potash produces approximately one million tonnes of potash for agricultural uses and over half a million salt (halite) used for de-icing roads in winter.

The potash, salt and other evaporite minerals encountered at Boulby Mine were deposited in late Permian age, some 230 million years ago. The minerals were deposited as a result of evaporation of the Zechstein Sea and the potash is located at depths between 1,200 and 1,500m in a seam of 020m but averaging 7m in thickness.

The deposits include nodules of boracite and associated mineral sized up to 1 metre in diameter which are found in a bed just above the base of the potash deposit. Boracite also occurs in a variety of forms from single crystals to aggregates. The rarer hilgardite is occasionally found, whilst magnesite occurs sparingly as transparent plates.

The company employs approximately 850 people and has annual sales of 90 million , however despite all this industrial activity, Boulby Mine is discreetly located with the chimney being the only prominent landmark.

If you have any further knowledge or have information about local history, folklore, Geology & Archaeology which you think would be of interest to other please contact us.

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