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You will find Castleton nestling against the end of Castleton Rigg, an outcrop of Danby High Moor, located towards the head of the Esk Valley.

A view of Castleton from the top of the bank

Castleton is a thriving community which has ample provision for visitors and boasts, several shops, 2 public houses, a tea rooms, a post office, a garage, a bank, a church (St Michael and St George C of E), public toilets, an art gallery, and a railway station on the Middlesbrough to Whitby line.
For the energetic there are a number of walkways and tracks including a pleasant short walk from Castleton to Commondale.

The Parish Church has furniture by Robert Thompson (The Mouseman) of Kilburn, who carves a church mouse on all furniture produced by his workshop as a trademark. Robert de Brus is said to have built a castle here and several old texts make mention of it as being naught but ruins on the southern bank of the River Esk. Local folklore has it that, it is from this castle that Castleton derives it's name.

An image of the lower entrance to Castleton overlooking Ellerstang

Another Castle was later built on the North Yorkshire Moors in nearby Danby. In olden times Castleton was recorded as being a market town where at it's peak there were fourteen shops and a market every Friday. There were two fairs in October, the first was the Tup, (Ram) fair, shortly followed by a fair selling cheese and other agricultural produce. The Castleton Tup sale still exists today, but now takes place at the auction mart in Ruswarp.
A working quarry existed on top of the hill North of the river. The stone was transported down the hillside by what looked like a long conveyor belt to the station at the bottom of the valley where it was picked up by goods trains.
Cricket is often played in the field near the river. More information can be found at

A picture of Castleton Cricket Team

The prefix of the Post Code for Castleton is YO21-2.
The OS Map reference of Castleton is N54:27:39 W0:56:44.
In 2002 the Parish of Danby, (Of which the village of Castleton is a part), prepared a Parish Plan. The report can be downloaded here

If you have any further knowledge or have information about local history, folklore, Geology & Archaeology which you think would be of interest to others please contact us.

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E-mail us your business details, (Business name, business type, Contact person,& Telephone number), and we will list this for free here. If you wish to support the site by advertising here with images and website links, then please see our terms or e-mail us for more details.

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Esk Moors Action for the Elderly(EMAE)

An image of an elderly person being looked after by a carer
Esk Moors Action for the Elderly was founded in 1997 by a group of local people whose original focus was the need for sheltered housing for our elderly. EMAE went on to ask the over 60s in the valley - from Westerdale to Glaisdale - what they would need to be able to stay in the valley when it gets too difficult to cope alone. They said they would like somewhere to live locally when home gets too difficult, somewhere to meet together every day for activities, company and meals, and they'd like support at home with everyday living. Transport problems were mentioned too. So Abbeyfield UK is going to build the "Abbeyfield Esk Moors" house and Esk Moors Active has been set up to run the "Heather Hopper" minibus. We've formed Esk Moors Caring to set up ways to do the other things! Esk Moors Caring and Esk Moors Active are both registered limited companies, social enterprises - not for personal profit - and Esk Moors Caring is also a charity.
Mrs Chris Knapp is Chairman of EMAE
Esk Moors Caring (EMC)

Image of the Bradley Centre in Castleton
The purpose of Esk Moors Caring (EMC) is to support older people in their own homes when they find it's getting difficult to cope. EMC will be training and employing domiciliary carers, "home helps" and other staff, while working with our GPs, and supported by the Primary Care Trust and Social Services. The Day Resource Centre at the Abbeyfield house will be staffed by EMC and will be used for day care and social and cultural activities both in the day and evening. All this work is being progressed by our Project Manger. Meanwhile, a part time worker, the Valley Neighbours Co-ordinator, is building on the strong tradition that exists all down the valley of people voluntarily looking after each other.
Contact: John Truscott - 01287 660128
Abbeyfield UK Eskmoors

Abbeyfield Logo
The Abbeyfield Society Ltd - based at St Albans - provides very sheltered housing in 800 houses for elderly people across the UK. It is a volunteer-led organisation, registered as a charity, and founded 50 years ago. Abbeyfield houses provide care and companionship balanced with privacy. Our local Esk Moors group joined Abbeyfield UK - itself a member of the Abbeyfield Society - and together they will establish the Esk Moors house in Castleton to serve the upper Esk valley. The site has been purchased, planning permission obtained and the finance is now in place. The house will comprise 12 "extra care" flats for rent. Cooked meals will be available. There will be an on-site manager. The Day Resource Centre attached to the house will be staffed by Esk Moors Caring. Construction will begin in the last quarter of 2006.
Contact: Mrs J Woods, Secretary Abbeyfield UK Esk Moors - 01287 660602
Eskmoors Active

An image of the Heather Hopper Minibus
The "Heather Hopper" minibus serves the community but it operates under a "small bus" licence which means that its passengers have to be members of a local group. This group is the "Heather Hopper" Club which any resident may join for a small fee. Trips are arranged and advertised, but members of the community are encouraged to arrange and organise their own trips. All drivers are volunteers and they have all undergone extra training. More drivers are needed.
Contact: 07971 268676

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