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Esk Valley Lifeline

The main activities of the group are to Raise money for equipment for doctors and patients at Danby and Egton Surgery

Organised Event and Meetings
Several events are organised throughout the year, including a tombola stall at Egton Show and the group meets Quarterly at Danby and Egton Surgery. The next meeting that will take place, is the AGM. This will take place at Danby Surgery on Thursday 26th November 2009 at 7pm. All are welcome, in particular new members, who would be expected to attend 4 committee meetings a year and participate in any fund raising activities.

With your support Esk Valley Lifeline has been able to buy lifesaving equipment for the Esk Valley residents and enables the doctors to give a more comprehensive cover, especially for accidents and cardiac problems.

Mrs Nicola Harforth (Secretary)
Chestnut Cottage
Nr Whitby
North Yorkshire
YO21 2HG

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