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The Countryside Code

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Please observe and follow the Countryside Code and help to preserve the beauty of this wonderful area.

CONSERVANCY is something that many of us think is taken care of by others, for the benefit of us all.
It is true to say that the farmers look after their land and buildings and the local authorities maintain the roads, by-ways and public buildings, but this is not enough. With a little bit of thought we can each do our bit to preserve the countryside and coastal areas.
LITTER - That can of drink or packet of sweets that we bought and carried all the way with us is much lighter once we have consumed the contents, so isn't it a simple task to carry it home or as far as the next litter bin?
Litter is dangerous to wildlife as well as being unsightly and spoiling precisely what we visit the countryside to see.
DOGS - Try to keep dogs on a lead at all times, as loose dogs can be catastrophic for ground nesting birds and sheep. The only exception to this rule is when you are walking past cattle. Some cattle, (particularly if they have calves at foot), can see your dog as a threat. If you and your dog find your self in the situation where cattle are threatening you both, it is in yours and the dogs best interests to let go of the dog lead. The dog can then escape drawing away the cattle from yourself, and you can make a safe exit from the field. You should then be able to retrieve your dog from a safe point later.
YOU - Despite surviving all that nature can throw at them, the ecosystem and the plants, insects and animals of the North York Moors are fighting for survival so please respect them and be careful where you walk.

For more information about the Countryside Code go here.

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