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Farming forum

We here at would like to open a farmers forum: A place where farmers may air their views on any subject agricultural or simply put forward good ideas for everyone else to use, or solve problems together. It's you're local place on the net dedicated to farming, (Precious few media are available for farmers these days, unless your up with the larks and listen to Radio 4's excellent 'Farming Today'). So use it as you see fit.

Some sample topics for discussion could be (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zones - Is the UK gold plating yet another hair brained Brussels directive ?
  • Disposal of fallen livestock - Soon it may be illegal to bury any fallen livestock. What are the alternatives ?
  • Sheep deaths on the roads of the National Park - Is it time to have speed limits or should the warning signposts be franker and inform the motorist of their responsibilities ?

The following form is provided to enable you to contribute to the Farming Forum.
Your support and contributions are greatly appreciated as it enables us to provide a service that is meaningful to those using the site.

All information posted on this notice board represents the personal views and opinions of the person posting the information and is regarded as being provided with the intention of it being published on the web site Farming Forum.

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