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Horse Riding

Being a mainly rural area equestrian activities are popular in the Esk Valley with both local residents and holiday makers and we have included topics for your information and entertainment. An active Pony Club, Riding Centres and livery stables provide a host of activities including schooling, jumping, hacks and cross country courses.

The Horse and Mankind

It is said that the dog is man's best friend, however it is undoubtedly the horse that has played the greater role in the development of mankind. The horse has been mans trusty servant as a mode of transport, and beast of burden in most aspects of his life. Whether you find a man at work, going to war, participating in sport or simply taking his pleasure you will invariably find that during the course of history the horse has also been a loyal companion. Many historical events would never have taken place without the horse, there would have been no Pony Express, no Charge of the Light Brigade, no Mobilised Postal System and no Sport of Kings.

Riding Centres and Livery Stables

The North Yorkshire Moors National Park has some wonderful bridle ways and there are a number of high quality Riding Centres and Livery Stables in the Esk Valley, catering for experienced and novice riders by offering riding lessons and pony trekking. Some establishments are able to provide Livery and DIY Livery facilities and offer this service to holiday makers who may want to bring their own horse or pony. This is in some cases combined with on-site accommodation for the rider(s) and their families making it a great holiday opportunity.

My Horse

Copy the following and either file it on your PC or print a copy so as to compile a record for each Horse or Pony that you own or care for. It is intended to make this easier for you by making it into a Download in the near future The drawing is for you to add details of any distinguishing marks or colouring.

 Diagram for user to make notes of distinguishing marks of their horse

Name of Horse  
Sex   Freeze Mark No  
Date of birth   Height (hh)  
Grand Sire  
List of distinguishing marks
Left Fore  
Right Fore  
Left Hind  
Right Hind  
Additional Information

If you are involved in an equestrian activity that we have missed or with any of the listed activities in the Esk Valley, please contact us to discuss adding information and details to this web site.

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